Powerball Ticket Sales Soar

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Americans held there collective breaths Saturday night, hoping they had the winning ticket in a $600 million dollar Powerball drawing. The buying pace was furious. Texans alone spent more than $26 million dollars on Powerball chances on Saturday — some $2 million an hour.

Here are the winning numbers: 22-10-13-14-52  | Powerball number 11

“I had a dream that I won. So now I’m going to play to win,” R.L. Horton told CBS 11 News while shopping at Fuel City Dallas.

Most of us know it’s a pipe dream … still, what would we do with $600 million dollars? “I’d be a blessing to someone in my family, hopefully my kids, my church home, maybe take a couple of trips, buy a house and car” said Darian Powell, adding, “Especially take care of Mom!”

Igor Smiljcic bought 15 tickets. “$600million?”…

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